About Academic Writing Made Easy

About Academic Writing Made Easy

Academic Writing Made Easy assists college students, academic professionals, and researchers with scholarly writing by providing editing services and professional feedback.

Services include:

•Edits for academic papers, manuscripts, journal articles, dissertations, thesis, and capstones, including copyediting of sentences, word, and grammar-level issues
•Developmental editing for paragraph-level issues
•Instructional feedback to strengthen writing for dissertations, thesis, and capstones
•Citation check and revisions
•Academic Research Service (e.g. find scholarly articles)

About Jeannie

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Jeannie has over 15 years of academic writing and editing experience, and she is an expert in online teaching. 

Jeannie’s vision is to create an academic writing community that allows students and academic professionals to feel comfortable to ask writing-related questions, receive the necessary scholarly assistance to thrive, and feel support within the academic community at Academic Writing Made Easy.

On a personal level, Jeannie enjoys time in nature with her family and dogs in New Jersey. She loves adventurous walks, historical fictions at cafes, domestic/international travel, coffee (and tea), discovering new restaurants with her husband, and thought-provoking conversations about philosophy.